niedziela, 20 lutego 2011

zielone morze

...nie płacz już.

Herbatka na biurku, mróz za oknem, pies pod nogami...trzeba było coś na szybko naszkicować.

2 komentarze:

  1. Well, honestly, I am not that good observator and pictures and paintings aren´t exactly what do I undestand well. But the thing I have really admired in this one is the lighthouse and its ray of light, seems like there is always the right way to find, like when you get lost and there is a light you can simply follow, even have no clue where the path is going. On the other hand the green mouth is amazing. There were many pictures of fairy tale kelpies when I was a child, all of them used to have green cloths and caps but there wasn´t such green tone of their hair. I like the composition of moon, the feeling of a movement made by waving hair, the fish just placed by feet and tears...are those tears dropping off the face? All I mean is that the jaws of an octopus have made it all amazing and sort of fairy tale...I am happy there was a freezing night behind your window and your dog just right by your feet sleeping...seems it had influenced your work pretty well. :)) (sorry, just like it so much :) warm hug